Evangelize. Strategize. Mobilize. #SocialSelling 

Your sales force is on the brink of EXTINCTION. They have been replaced by search engines and social networks.  It’s time to adapt or die.

B2B buyers are anywhere between 57%-70% through the buying process prior to engaging with sales. Your buyers are having a learning party without you.

Meet the Modern Buyer.  She’s digitally-driven, socially connected, mobile, and empowered with unlimited access to information.  

Is your sales team?   If not...

Book Jill Rowley at your next sales or marketing kick-off 

Her passionate presentation style will motivate your salesforce to shift.  Jill will show them why #SocialSelling is the way to drive revenue growth.  

Strategic Planning

Once your company understands the value of #SocialSelling, it needs a strategic plan to operationalize and scale the program.

Jill’s expertise is in connecting the dots, choosing which tools to use, and driving adoption. 

Jill's framework will allow you to measure the ROI of #SocialSelling: size of network, volume of content shared, meetings booked, pipeline, and most importantly revenue generated.

Workshop Themes

• The art of a LinkedIn invite
• Using advanced search to find social triggers
• Participation in LinkedIn Groups to cultivate relationships
• Finding and sharing content that provides value to buyers
• Introduction to Twitter

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